Welcome to the World of Work

South Charnwood High School

A brilliant idea for an introduction to the world of work!

Working within our community is something that has always been an integral part of Nicholls Colton Group. Nothing is more encouraging for us than seeing a future generation showing such interest and enthusiasm in engaging with a room full of various business owners and representatives.

south charnwood high school - ian

Nicholls Colton Group’s account manager Ian Hughes was delighted to be meeting so many willing students.

“I was pleased to attend an innovative approach to getting year 9 pupils to talk to people in work, about their career choices, the jobs they do and the companies they work for.
A very rewarding morning with some clearly motivated 13 and 14 year olds.” – Ian Hughes Nicholls Colton Group Account Manager

south charnwood - room
“Year 9 pupils at South Charnwood High School had the exciting opportunity to meet, question and explore potential career options by engaging with a wide range of employers and employees from a variety of occupations. The aim of the event was to inform and inspire them to think about their future in an ever changing market place. The pupils demonstrated the sort of employability skills that are so often missing in the workplace today” – Kathryn Juszkiewicz, South Charnwood High School

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