With an aging infrastructure, an ongoing increase in demand and climate and environmental uncertainties, the water industry has many challenges in the years ahead. Nicholls Colton provides many bespoke and holistic solutions to the water related industry including specialist investigation of the existing concrete, steel and structural assets including bridges, dams, spillways, tanks and pipes, to help deliver the latest Asset management Programmes (AMP 6 and 7) contracts.

The UK water industry is focussed on upgrading a largely antiquated asset base that in some cases, dates back to the Victorian period and Nicholls Colton provide expert investigation and specialist procedures providing testing and technical support to the supplement design, maintenance and repair to extend the life expectancy of existing asset and infrastructure and providing the background data for new build to meet the demands of the 21st century.

Our specialist environmental monitoring and laboratory testing is ideal for the analysis of environmental contaminates in the air, ground, providing evidence for the best environmental solutions.

Our services include:

  • Coastal, river and canal infrastructure investigations
  • Concrete investigation and testing of reinforced, and post tensioned buildings, bridges, dams, spillways and tanks – Click here
  • Concrete and steel investigation of pipes and tanks
  • Drainage investigation – Click here
  • Ground investigation – Click here
  • On site investigation and testing of soils during required due to the replacement of existing or the placement of new infrastructure including flood alleviation projects – Click here 
  • Laboratory Testing of existing ground and materials to identify contamination and physical properties – Click here
  • Legionella testing – Click here
  • Soil and silt sampling and testing – Click here
  • Topographic Survey – Click here
  • Waste Classification – Click here
  • Waste water overspill and ground and surface water analysis