Waste Acceptance Criteria

Waste Acceptance Criteria

Samples taken from materials including road pavement, soil, drain stone, gulley waste and demolition materials need to be adequately characterised for disposal offsite to landfill.

WAC testing is used to identify how the properties of the material will behave once placed  into a landfill with respect to the Environment Agency thresholds for disposing of material.

European Waste Catalogue codes are transposed into UK law through the List of Wastes (LOW) Regulations.  The use of European Waste Codes for transport and placement of waste is a legal requirement of the Duty of Care (DoC) legislation across the UK.

The DoC requires that a waste holder (producer, carrier or disposer) takes all reasonable steps to ensure that waste is described in a way that permits its safe handling and management and that any transfer of waste is accompanied by a written description of the waste including a LOW code.

Our Engineers classify materials to European Waste Catalogue Codes where required to support findings from laboratory testing and ensure materials are legally disposed of off site.