Nicholls Colton – VOC’s, Vapours and Odour Detection


Nicholls Colton Group has a capability to measure levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s), such as those relating to fuel spillage or storage; Vapours, such as those emitted by gasoline and Odours, for example coming from former gasworks sites

We utilise a project specific selection of equipment for the monitoring of VOC’s, vapours and odours.

We can supply personal monitors for use by site staff. These compact units, come with a built in data logger and alarm. They are ideally suited to confined spaces eg. vehicle cabs, quickly alerting personnel to possible unseen dangers.

Our PID meters are used for ‘on the spot’ monitoring and give you an instant reading of the level of VOC’s present. Additionally chemical analysis can be done using our Tenax tube system – these tubes are normally deployed on site for seven days, and then returned to our laboratory for chemical analysis.

This equipment can be hired or our site technicians can perform the monitoring on your behalf.