Vision Mission Core

For over 50 Years the Nicholls Colton Group has been providing specialist engineering & environmental data to the UK construction industry.

OUR MISSION is to gather specialist engineering & environmental data of the highest quality in the field and in the laboratory, and evaluates it with integrity and flair for the benefit of our clients and for the world we live in. 

OUR VISION is to be among the most sought-after specialist engineering & environmental data providers to the UK construction industry, by proving every day our flair, our integrity, our customer commitment and our value for money.

OUR CORE VALUES are at the heart of all that we do:

  • Safety – first & foremost   
  • Customers – always satisfied
  • Quality – highest standards
  • Integrity – never compromised
  • Teamwork – always collaborative  
  • Innovation – thinking with flair

With over 100 staff including civil and environmental engineers, geologists, technicians and chemists, the Nicholls Colton Group is thriving and ready to assist on any construction project.