Nicholls Colton – Vibration Monitoring

Higher levels of vibrations may be caused by construction related works and may create a nuisance and sometimes damage to adjoining property and infrastructure, particularly on sites with sensitive boundaries.

Monitoring vibration levels can be a key aspect to maintaining appropriate control over the operations being carried out on a construction site, helping to ensure protection to adjacent structures and assets.

Nicholls Colton Group undertakes vibration monitoring using a V901 Seismograph. The V901 consists of a triaxial sensor, a data logger and an audio visual alarm. It is designed for use in rugged conditions making it ideal for site based work. The unit has a capability of monitoring for approximately two weeks continuously before the batteries need to be replaced.

At least once every two weeks, the data obtained by the equipment is downloaded during a site service visit, with reports detailing measurements for each session, usually daily.