Topographic Survey

Topographic Survey

We provide topographic survey mainly within the construction related industry to record engineering data for the urban environment including our highways network, new build construction and ground, industrial and retail property along with general maintenance of the countries existing infrastructure and resources.

There are many applications for topographic survey, most design, build or maintain construction projects require use of topographic surveys including new homes, road improvements, street furniture and gully and drainage mapping, building and bridge investigation and repair, commercial new build, road condition and many more.

We undertake survey and investigation  usually by acquisition of data, typically in three dimensions to facilitate ground modelling and 3D visualisation of the shape, configuration, relief and other applicable features of the building/highway/earth usually related to national Ordnance Survey grid and datum information, often using GPS.

Additional surveys including camera and infrared from both ground, aerial stations fixed and/or vehicle/drone mounted can be undertaken and related to the base survey data to complement the information capture and report.

Our reports are bespoke, to need the many applications desired by our diverse customer base.