Tar Testing


Tar Testing

Road materials from roads constructed, or maintained, prior to the 1980s may contain tar.  As tar contains high levels of phenol and polyaromatic hydrocarbons (particularly benzo a pyrene) it is hazardous to human health and therefore poses a risk when road works are planned through tar bound layers.  Analysis is also required in order to classify the material as waste or how to re-incorporate the material into the road if safe to do so.

Nicholls Colton has developed several suites for the screening for the presence of Tar based on documentation and research available. 

Dependant on the clients requirements we can analysis for the presence of Tar in several ways:

– PAK marker spray 

– Benzo-a-pyrene (in line with ADEPT guidance)

– PAH (USEPA 16)

– PAH 17 (USEPA 16 + Coronene) 

– PAH 17 (USEPA 16 + Coronene) + Leachable Phenol (in line with the County Surveyors’ Society document)

Dependant on the results of the tar analysis (i.e. if it’s indicative of containing tar) it is sometimes required that a WAC suite is also completed. 

The WAC will allow you to determine the type of landfill the material can be sent to if needed.