Subsidence Investigation

Subsidence investigation

Nicholls Colton offer the complete site solution for subsidence related surveys; from Site Investigation works to drainage surveys, our team of experienced professionals understand the sensitivities of each claim will ensure the highest standard of work to ensure Client and Policyholder satisfaction.

The range of services offered includes:

  • Trial pits excavated to determine foundation depth and profile
  • Boreholes typically to depths of 3 to 6m (typically by hand auger but vans are equipped with mechanical augering equipment to ensure required depths are achieved)
  • A range of *UKAS accredited soil testing carried out by our Geotechnical Laboratory
  • Chemical analysis of water and/or soil samples by our Chemical Laboratory
  • Root identification  undertaken by a leading independent botanical laboratory
  • In-situ testing – Shear Vane and Mackintosh Probes
  • Drainage CCTV surveys – click here
  • Drainage jetting, specialist investigations and radiosonde tracing – click here
  • Monitoring and Level Surveys are available on request