Sampling & testing of reinforcement

Sampling and testing reinforcement

Sampling and testing reinforcement may be necessary where records do not exist, or to verify historical data,  to determine the actual properties of reinforcement present in a structure.  By breaking out concrete covering reinforcement, samples can be taken for subsequent inspection and laboratory testing.

The theoretical location of the reinforcement is identified by the cover meter or Ferroscan and the concrete carefully removed to expose the embedded reinforcement over a length appropriate for the proposed testing.  Tests carried out, either in-house or sub-contracted to a test house specialising in such work, typically include:

  • Log and photograph of the reinforcement to identify signs of deterioration.
  • Tensile strength.
  • Chemical analysis (to identify the type, weldability etc.).
  • Metallographic examination (to identify a type of metal – steel, wrought iron).

Results of sampling and testing reinforcement can be reported standalone or included in a larger structural investigation.