Recycling Asphalt and Waste

Recycling Asphalt and Waste

Recycled asphalt product (RAP), is existing asphalt pavement waste, broken down into gravel that binds together once it’s compacted, hardening again. RAP can be added to many design options in pavements with high percentage reuse supporting environmental sustainability.

Asphalt plannings are often used as an aggregate substitute in highway and commercial construction forming part of a base or subbase material on highways and roads and as a base layer for new build construction, residential driveways and car parking.

Recycled plastics, glass and other waste product are becoming more common in new asphalt design. Bespoke design is necessary to optimise the levels of “waste material” used as an aggregate substitute.

Nicholls Colton provides support to managing reclaimed asphalt within ADEPT Guidance and protocols and Guidance on the classification and assessment of waste including:

We also provide on-site pavement investigation and sampling along with laboratory testing. Our *UKAS accredited testing laboratory No. 0320 and *MCERTS accredited laboratory can undertake a wide range of materials testing.

  • Duty of Care.
  • Legal Definition of Waste.
  • Technical Guidance WM3.
  • Waste Legislation.
  • EA Quality Protocol for Aggregates from Inert Waste


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