Nicholls Colton – Background Noise Monitoring


Background noise may exceed a level which causes a nuisance to workers, nearby residents and those going about their daily business. In some cases levels of background noise can even represent a health issue.

Background Noise Monitoring is typically used on construction sites where heavy plant and machinery can all too easily cause unacceptably high levels of noise. Monitoring of noise levels protects the health and safety of the workforce, as well as ensuring that local residents and others are not adversely affected by the works.

Nicholls Colton Group measure Background Noise using multiple virtual dosimeters with data logging capability. It is useful to measure background noise prior to any works commencing, so that a suitable baseline can be established and any additional noise cause by the works can be identified.

Our Noise monitors can be used internally and externally, in all weather. The battery life within the monitors is approximately 48hrs, but we can extend this with the use of external power sources which can facilitate a week of continuous monitoring.

Typically the data collected by the monitor will be downloaded once a week during a service visit, with weekly reporting.