Nicholls Colton Resistivity to concrete

Resistivity of concrete

Resistivity of concrete tests used in conjunction with results from half-cell potential testing can provide an indication of the rate of corrosion present to embedded reinforcement, as an elevated resistivity of concrete restricts the flow of current required for corrosion to be active in the steel.  The higher the resistivity recorded, the lower the likelihood of corrosion being active.

Testing can be undertaken using either two or four probe resistivity meters, both tests requiring only minimal intrusion into the concrete.  Surveys can be undertaken over complete test areas but is often only requested where a half-cell potential in excess of -350mV (indicative of active corrosion being present) has been recorded.

Results are usually presented in tabular form.

Testing is undertaken in accordance with documented in-house methods and is covered by our Company *UKAS accreditation.