Nicholls Colton Coating Inspection

Coating Inspections

Coating inspections not only allow for remedial actions to be taken where a coating has failed but can also let early warning signs of potential failings be identified to ensure the most efficient and economic maintenance plan for a structure can be produced.  When carried out before planned works, a survey of coatings present can alleviate any future issues that may present themselves due to hazards such as toxicology of the paint present – commonly lead content.

Whether a basic inspection/sampling scheme or a full inspection meeting requirements of national standards such as Highways England document BD 87/05 is required, Nicholls Colton can arrange for surveys to be carried out by fully qualified ICorr or NACE qualified inspectors.

    Detailed coating inspections commonly cover aspects including:

  • A detailed appraisal of the structure/asset in question.
  •  Analysis of the existing coating including detailed information on paint layers, adhesion and overall thickness.
  • Coating Identification including chemical analysis and reporting of any hazardous content such as lead and chromium.
  • Laboratory testing of paint.
  • Survey reporting against industrial standards and with details of equipment used, an evaluation of the degradation of coatings present, degree of blistering, rusting and cracking along with an assessment of flaking and delamination present.


If requested a review of the system against standards can be made to provide recommendations on future maintenance works required.

Should you only require testing of paint that is to be removed, Nicholls Colton can attend the site to remove samples and test for lead and chromium content to assist with waste disposal classification, testing being carried out in our in-house testing facility.