Bearing & beam-end inspection

Bearing and beam-end inspections

 Bearing and Beam-end inspections are necessary in order to assess the performance of a structure.

Bearings can be inspected for generic type and visual condition including signs of corrosion, along with dimension and position and commentary on debris present on the bearing shelf.  Beam ends are inspected for signs of damage such as cracking or spalling arising from corrosion or other causes that may be evident.

Using visual survey combined with other concrete condition testing techniques where access allows, Nicholls Colton can provide trained technical staff to undertake Bearing and beam-end inspections.  Due to such areas often having limited access, endoscopic techniques can be utilised to inspect such parts of the structure, providing a photographic and, if requested, video record of the condition of these elements at the time of inspection.

Findings of these inspections are provided in a written report with photographs of inspected areas and drawings detailing dimensions and/or defects observed.  If taken, videos are provided on disc along with an electronic copy of the report.