Matest Motorised Concrete Compression Machine!

Matest Motorised concrete compression machine

Our brand new Matest Motorised Concrete Compression Machine!

Concrete Core testing is a large part of our workload. Commonly this will involve an examination of the core to record properties such as aggregate type, degree of compaction, cracking and presence of reinforcement, subsequent to the determination of its density and compressive strength.  The equivalent cube strength, an estimation of the compressive strength of the concrete when originally cast, can be determined from the compressive strength by calculation

To increase our efficiency in processing our high levels of Concrete Core Samples we have purchased Compression testing machines motorized with Cyber-Plus Evolution control unit (semi-automatic model) to test cubes up to 200 mm side and cylinders up to dia. 250×500 mm.

For more information on our compressive strength and density of concrete testing capabilities or for a quote, contact us.