Matest CBR machine!

Matest CBR Machine

Brand new addition to the Nicholls Colton arsenal, the Matest CBR testing machine!

We have recently purchased a brand new Matest CBR Machine to aid our already succesful soil testing facilities.

The Matest CBR Machine is used to load the penetration piston into the soil sample at a constant rate of 1,27 mm/min (1 mm/min to BS Spec.), and to measure the applied loads and piston’s penetrations at determined intervals.

Nicholls-Colton can provide full chemical testing of soil samples to determine soil quality and potential contaminant concentrations.

Sampling can be undertaken by our fully trained technicians and is done in accordance with BS10175:2011 & A1:2013 Investigation of potentially contaminated sites.

Sampling can be undertaken as often or as little as required.

For more information on our testing capabilities, or for a quote, contact us.