Nicholls Colton – Laboratory



Nicholls Colton Group operates two state-of-the-art laboratories at its Harding Street premises, providing a comprehensive testing service to the construction industry. UKAS* accredited for over 30 years, our laboratories undertake geotechnical, materials, contaminated land and waste analysis.

Our Environmental laboratory has been operating for 10 years and offers a wide range of tests, for soils, waters and leachates. We carry out analysis for metals, semi-metals, TPH, PAH, VOC, SVOC, asbestos and many other substances. We also undertake WAC analysis and carry out tests relating to topsoil quality, combustibility, bio-accessibility and more.

Nicholls Colton Group’s fully equipped Geotechnical laboratory has been operating for 50 years and is equipped to measure compressive strength, moisture, plasticity, particle size, and OMC parameters, to name but a few areas that we work in. We also provide sulphate, chloride, pH and related data as part of our offering.”

Particularly advantageous for our laboratory clients is the ability to call upon the expertise of Nicholls Colton Group’s in-house contaminated land, waste, construction materials and geotechnical consultants, should it become necessary to interpret the laboratory results.

Please see list of Laboratory services that we offer below:

  • Contamination Land click here
  • Laboratory Testing of Aggregates – click here
  • Laboratory Testing of Asbestos – click here
  • Laboratory Testing of Bituminous Materialsclick here
  • Laboratory Testing of Concreteclick here
  • Laboratory Testing of paint
  • Laboratory testing of rock
  • Laboratory Testing of Soils click here
  • Laboratory Testing of Top Soil – click here
  • Waste Acceptance Criteria click here