July 2016 – Chairman Alex Warwick performs at Birchwood Special School

July 2016 – Chairman Alex Warwick performs at Birchwood Special School

Picture1Our world class drummer and Chairman, Alex Warwick, delighted the children at Birchwood Special School when he and some of his bandmates played for them on 1st July. Invited by this Melton school to come along one afternoon and entertain the children with some live music, Alex and his fellow bandmates played a mix of Beatles, Rolling Stones and other 60s and 70s music for the enthusiastic gathering.

The children were aged between 5 and 15 and they had a range of special needs. Nevertheless, they all greatly enjoyed themselves and either sat or ran happily around the school gym, where the band had set up. For obvious reasons we cannot show images of the children, so you will have to make do with this view from the audience, taken by one of the teachers.

Alex Warwick said “Playing for these children is a very moving and humbling experience. It was great to see so many carefree and happy faces!”

One little boy was especially focussed – just before the show he ran straight up to the drum kit and immediately began stomping on the bass drum pedal. He sure knew what he was doing!

Alex is an in demand and acclaimed drummer, working with musicians from UK, USA, France and Germany. He plays for an international Genesis tribute, a French Neil Young tribute, an English Cliff Richard & The Shadows tribute, and an English Folk Rock band. He goes on Tour to Germany a couple of times a year, and he has amassed a large following on YouTube, with his drumming videos being viewed almost 2 million times.