Ironman Bolton 2017 – Danielle Elliot

Ironman Bolton 2017

Ironman events are feared for good reason. They’re a herculean mix of long distance open water swim, cycle tour and marathon! It’s no walk in the park and it takes dedicated preperation.

We’re very proud to say that on this most recent weekend Danielle Elliot, Accounts Manager at Nicholls Colton, completed Ironman Bolton 2017.

Ironman UK

Danielle Elliot at the entrance to this years Ironman Bolton 2017.

As if this gruelling event isn’t hard enough, Danielle suffered a nasty fall at around the 50 mile stage of her cycle. Falls and injuries like this are often what stop competitors from making it to the finish line but Danielle showed inspiring determination to complete the remaining 60 miles of cycling and run the marathon. Diane, Danielle’s mother, posted this comment later on social media “How anyone can get themselves out of a ditch back on the bike and cycle a further 60 miles then run a marathon is just beyond me”.

Ironman Bolton 2017

Danielle’s brutal injury half way through the cycle.

Despite the setback Danielle put in a mammoth effort to eat away at the miles on the bike and still leave herself with enough energy in the tank to smile her way over the finish line!

Ironman Bolton 2017

Always smiling even after a crash, a 60 mile bike and a marathon.

It’s an incredible achievement for Danielle and all of us at Nicholls Colton Group are very proud of her for completing such a renowned event especially after such a major set back.

Danielle had this to say shortly after finishing the race: “After badly crashing my bike I was lucky to walk away, let alone manage to finish the race. A broken hand and some serious cuts later I heard those magic words ‘you are an ironman!!’. That took every last ounce of everything I had. Thanks to my amazing support crew for never loosing faith. “

Ironman Bolton 2017

Danielle getting some much need recovery. Well done from all of us here at Nicholls Colton Group!