Nicholls Colton – Highways Investigation


The UK’s vast road network is in constant need of maintenance, refurbishment, upgrading and replacement. Identifying the need for and extent of such work requires a thorough understanding of road construction and its current condition.

Working closely with major contractors, stakeholders, consultants and government agencies, we can provide the technical staff and specialist equipment required to carry out this often complex and demanding work.

With our team of highly experienced engineers and technicians, Nicholls Colton Group offers an extensive range of testing solutions which allow us to investigate the construction and condition of the country’s roads and their furniture. Our focus on client engagement allows us to tailor our testing to match and regularly exceed the objectives of the testing program.

If the analysis of site samples is required, Nicholls Colton Group’s fully equipped *UKAS accredited testing laboratory No. 0320 and *MCERTS accredited laboratory can undertake a wide range of materials testing and geotechnical analysis.

Once the results from in situ surveys and laboratory analysis have been collated, tailored factual or interpretive reports are issued to our clients.
Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) Testing – click here
Compaction by  nuclear density gauge (NDG)
Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) Survey – click here
Ground Penetrating Radar – click here
HAUC utility checking – check here
Laboratory Testing – click here
Pavement Coring – click here
Slip Resistance (Pendulum BS EN 13036-4:2011)
Surface Regularity (straightedge) surface texture and macro texture (BS EN 13036-1:2010)
Tar Testing
Unbound material sampling (UMS) – click here
Visual Condition Survey – click here