Health and Safety


Health and Safety

The construction industry can be a demanding environment to work in. According to Health and Safety Executive, 80,000 workers suffer from work-related ill health each year (LFS), there were 30 fatal injuries to workers in 2016/17 (RIDDOR) and there are 64,000 non-fatal injuries to workers each year (LFS).

The health, safety and welfare of every member of the Nicholls Colton Group is our first priority, that’s why it comes first on our list of core values.

Through careful planning of work, training, considered management and an attitude to getting the job done right, the first time, every time, we have achieved:

  • No fatal injuries
  • No major incidents (RIDDOR)
  • No dangerous occurrences (RIDDOR)
  • No prosecutions by HSE or the Environment Agency
  • No prohibition notices by HSE or the Environment Agency
  • No improvement notices by HSE or the Environment Agency
  • 1 seven day injury incident (RIDDOR) in 920,361 hours of work

We are dedicated and committed to maintaining our superb standards for Health and Safety and will continue to learn and develop in all aspects to ensure those standards never drop.