Ground Investigation

Clay Cross Land Court, in which the outermost layer of the earth is observed, with the upper mantle, on which grass grows - Corte Transversal de Terreno Arcilloso en el que se observa la capa más superficial de la tierra con el manto superior sobre el que crece la hierba /// corte; tierra; transversal; litosfera; corte transversal; arcilloso; hierba; vegetacion; dia; exterior; al aire libre; nadie; piedras; textura; campo; raíz; fondo; marrón; ocre; terroso; sección; plantas; vegetal; subterráneo; capas; suelo; debajo, parte,  atravesar, suelo, manto, atravesar, cortado,cortar,  solar, terreno,  natural, naturaleza, geologia, geologico, verde, seco,  cavado,  escavar, excavar,  ciencia,  raíces,  medio ambiente,


Knowledge of the ground conditions is key to a successful and cost effective outcome on any new

development. Information relating to foundations, floor slabs, concrete specification, soakaways,

road construction, and mine-workings, for example, can all form part of a meaningful geotechnical

appraisal of a project.

Nicholls Colton Group has been carrying out ground investigations and providing geotechnical advice

to its clients for 50 years. Working closely with house builders, local authorities, contractors, private

individuals and commercial developers, we have helped our clients to define, understand and

overcome their many and varied geotechnical issues.

Our geotechnical team includes a Chartered Civil Engineer with 30 years experience, and a Director

and Principal Engineer who each have 20 years or more experience. With a support team comprising

a healthy mix of engineers and geologists, all of whom are experienced in ground investigation work,

Nicholls Colton Group is able to provide speedy, bespoke, pragmatic and cost effective advice.

Particularly advantageous for our clients is Nicholls Colton Group’s in-house testing facility. This fully

equipped UKAS accredited laboratory undertakes a wide range of geotechnical tests, servicing our

ground investigation team directly.

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