Cairney Test (Combustion Susceptibility Test)

Cairney Test (Combustion Susceptibility Test)

Nicholls Colton Analytical houses a state-of-the-art laboratory providing an independent and comprehensive testing service to the construction industry, with UKAS and MCERTS accreditation for a broad range of tests.

During the 50th Anniversary of the Group, the Analytical Division is continually developing the range of tests offered, the latest addition being the Combustion Susceptibility Test.

Combustion Susceptibility Test

The Combustion Susceptibility (or Cairney) Test was designed to measure the combustion potential of soils in a practical manner, to mirror the actualities of site conditions. The test procedure focuses on two critical factors of combustion; the build up of retained heat and the presence of an adequate supply of oxygen. The methodology identifies the precise temperature at which initial ignition commences representing the oxidation process prior to actual combustion. At a somewhat higher temperature, the strength of any actual combustion can be compared to simultaneously tested reference material.

Potential uses

The increase in redevelopment of potentially contaminated brownfield sites has lead to a surge of interest in this test, which will help identify any self-sustaining subterranean combustion of the type posing the greatest risk to future site development.