Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility

As a business that operates to develop and maintain the built environment, our duty of care for our natural environment is paramount. Small everyday decisions about suppliers, methodologies, policies and processes have a large effect on our contribution to the world around us.

For that reason we aim to achieve the following objectives:

  • Improve energy usage efficiency to reduce the CO2 / net fees ratio
  • Improve fuel usage efficiency to reduce the CO2 / net fees ratio
  • Improve water usage efficiency to reduce water life costs associated with the water treatment and delivery – measure Volm3 / net fees
  • Reduce the amount of paper used per employee
  • Reduce % of waste that goes to landfill to zero for general and mined recyclable waste

In the 2017 financial year we managed:

  • 35% reduction in CO2 / net fees ratio for energy usage
  • 13% reduction in CO2 / net fees ratio for fuel usage
  • 31% reduction in Volm3 / net fees ratio for water usage
  • 20% reduction in reams of paper per employee
  • Out of 247,102 Kg of total combined waste produced in the 2017 financial year, 99.58% was recycled

Currently in the 2018 financial year we have recycled 99.9% of all waste produced. 

Our commitment and dedication to reducing our company’s impact on the environment will, we hope, inspire those we work with to look at their own operations and as a collective, help to reduce the environmental impact the construction industry has as a whole. Together, we can make a difference.