Discharge of Planning Conditions

The appropriate assessment of contamination is an important planning consideration and where development is proposed, the developer is responsible for ensuring that the development is safe and suitable for use for the purpose for which it is intended.

To demonstrate this, consideration should be given to  the following:

  • Is the site already affected by contamination through source –pathway – receptor pollutant linkages?
  • Will the proposed development create new linkages, e.g. new pathways by which existing contaminants may reach existing or proposed receptors?
  • What action is needed to break contamination linkages and avoid new ones, deal with unacceptable risks and allow safe development and future occupancy of the site and neighbouring land?

Contamination related planning conditions typically require a Phase 1 Desk Study Report,  a Phase 2  Intrusive Ground Investigation and depending on the outcome of the first assessments a remediation strategy and validation report.

Nicholls Colton Group can undertake site specific ground investigations and geo-environmental assessments to identify potential environmental and contamination constraints at your site and can  provide robust contamination strategies, if required, to allow appropriate remediation of the site and to enable the planning conditions to be discharged. The site appraisals can include assessments relating to human health, ground gas risk and groundwaters