Desk Studies & Site Appraisals

The initial stage of most site investigations is to undertake a Phase 1 Desk Study in order to assess the risks posed to the site by any previous and current development and contaminative land uses.

As part of the initial site appraisal, Nicholls Colton Group will collate and review data including historical O.S maps, geological, hydrogeological and environmental information from sources such as the Environment Agency, the British Geological Survey and Local Authorities.

As part of the initial site appraisal a site walkover would be undertaken by an experienced Nicholls Colton Group  Geo-Environmental Engineer to identify any potential signs or sources of contamination on the site. Potential issues not recorded on historical maps or public databases can be identified in this survey, such as above and below ground fuel storage  tanks, asbestos containing materials and possible areas of ground stability hazards.

A preliminary conceptual model is produced to identify potential risks prior to the site development. The desk study data assists with the design of the Phase 2 –  Intrusive Ground Investigation and can identify potential constraints to the proposed development at an early stage and consequently reduce potential unknown future ground related costs to the developer.