Tar (or coal tar) is classified as a cancer causing substance, due to harmful components within its make-up. Because of the dangerous nature of tar, a hazard is created whenever road materials are dug up. It is therefore essential that tar testing on road materials is carried out properly and by professionals of the trade.

Nicholls Colton Analytical offer a full in-house tar testing service that follows the testing guidelines outlined in the CSS (County Surveyors’ Society) guidance note. The CSS guidance note recommends that tests are carried out prior to the design of the works so that informed decisions can be made regarding management of the hazards.

Nicholls Colton Analytical has developed specific methods designed for customers requiring road materials testing. We are also quite unique in being able to offer a complete in-house service including:

• Pavement coring
• Core logging
• Identification of tar by the PAK indicator test
• A full tar testing suite