Air Pollution Monitoring

Air Pollution Monitoring

Manufacturing and construction operations, if not controlled effectively, can release a wide range of hazardous pollutants into the environment leading to a health risks to the public and site operatives.

In order to determine airborne concentrations of hazardous airborne chemicals Nicholls Colton offers a range of techniques. Potentially there are hundreds of compounds that can be encountered on industrial sites. Our bespoke air monitoring program is tailored to enable accurate measurements for those compounds of specific interest over representative periods.

Nicholls Colton provides advice on all aspects of Environmental Management Planning, providing experienced, trained sampling personnel and undertakes specialist laboratory analysis.

Alternatively a laboratory analysis service can be provided for those organisations capable of undertaking the sampling themselves.

Pollutants most commonly requiring sampling and analysis are as follows- 

Pollutant Sampling method Analysis
Dust Filter/cyclone Gravimetric
VOCs/solvents/SVOCs Tube GCMS
Metals filter ICP-OES/MS
Aldehydes Filter HPLC
Siloxanes Tube GCMS
Hydrogen sulphide Tube IC
Bulk gases Tedlar bag GC/GCMS
Chloride/halides Tube IC

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