About us

For over 50 Years the Nicholls Colton Group has been providing specialist engineering & environmental data to the UK construction industry.

With over 100 staff including civil and environmental engineers, geologists, technicians and chemists, the Nicholls Colton Group is thriving and ready to assist on any construction project.

We operate in the Brownfield, Commercial, Energy, Environmental Science, Highway, Housing, Maintenance, Rail, Utility and Recycling sectors, and we offer the following services:

  1. Asbestos – testing & identification
  2. Bridges – specialist testing
  3. Buildings – specialist testing
  4. Contaminated Land – desk studies, investigations, testing, validation, consultancy
  5. Environmental Monitoring – dust, noise, vibration and more
  6. Ground Investigation – trial pits, boreholes, soakaways, geotechnical reports, consultancy
  7. Highways – specialist testing
  8. UKAS and MCERTS Laboratory – soils, water, gas, leachate, concrete, contaminated land and more
  9. On-Site – specialist field testing eg. plate bearing, CBR, core-cutting
  10. Surveys – drainage via cctv, topographic, paint, coating and more
  11. Waste – leachate testing, EWC codes, Waste Classification, consultancy
  12. Water – specialist testing