50th Celebratory Event

On Saturday 3rd October, Nicholls Colton Group celebrated 50 Years in business in lavish style at Stapleford Country Park Hotel. 135 staff and their partners, together with specially invited guests from Lloyds Bank, Mazurs accountants, Bray and Bray Solicitors and Champions UK Brand Managers, all enjoyed a sumptuous reception and meal, one or two speeches, and a dance.

The evening began in the Orangery with a drinks reception and a photo opportunity. Although the dress code only required that people looked ‘smart’ it was wonderful to see that so many people had really dressed up.

Director Mike Shelbourne introduced the special guests to the audience and then welcomed onto the stage all those staff who had more than 25 years service – ten staff in all, two of whom have been here for 41 years!

A wonderful three course meal followed, served-up in the Grand Hall. As wonderful as the starter and the main were, it was the faultlessly delicious caramel ice cream that created the biggest stir! Guests were entertained throughout the evening by Will Gray, who performed close-up magic at each table and during the drinks reception. It is fair to say that he made everyone gasp and whoop – really fantastic magic that had everyone amazed”

Link for Will Gray is http://www.willgray.co.uk/

Company Chairman Alex Warwick and CEO Ian Elliot gave heartfelt and passionate speeches about how proud they are of the Nicholls Colton Group, and how the success of the business is built upon the efforts and talents of every single person in the room, not just the Directors. Staff were encouraged to embrace their part in the Company history, and to work together with pride to write the on-going Nicholls Colton story. Both speeches received rapturous applause from staff and guests alike.

After the formality of the speeches, it was time to hit the dance floor. Having been over-heard earlier in the week that ‘he would lead everyone onto the dance floor’, something which seemed exceptionally unlikely, Financial Controller Bharat Amin was reminded via a microphone that his moment had come. With the music suddenly turned up, and a sea of expectant, incredulous and laughing faces turned towards him, Bharat found himself caught in the headlights. And to his credit (no pun intended), he got up and began dancing.

It was not the most skilled of dances, but that did not matter. Bharat danced and danced, to roars of approval and laughter from an ecstatic audience. Bharat stole the show! Brilliant stuff.

The evening ended for many staff and guests in the main hotel area, drinking into the small hours in the grandiose bar, surrounded by moose heads on the wall. One of the last to go to bed was CEO Ian Elliot, who can always be relied upon to prop a bar up until it runs nearly dry.

Ian and Alex had provided all staff with more than 25 years service with a room at the beautiful Stapleford Park Hotel, and they, together with senior staff, special guests and staff who had helped organise the event, spent a wonderful night tucked up in the softest beds imaginable.

The next morning, people drifted down for a stunning breakfast, and then enjoyed a quiet walk around the amazing hotel grounds, some even pausing to attempt a game of croquet.

This has been a wonderful and successful weekend, celebrating 50 years in business for Nicholls Colton. We are proud to be a part of the Nicholls Colton family.