Bridges Investigation

Nicholls Colton Group has been carrying out the specialist inspections and investigations necessary

to protect, maintain and upgrade the UK’s vast stock of road and rail bridges for over 30 years. From

medieval masonry arch to modern post-tensioned box-beam and composite bridges, our

investigations have covered the full range of the UK’s bridge infrastructure.


Working closely with major contractors, stakeholders, consultants and government agencies, we can

provide the technical staff and specialist equipment required to carry out this often complex and

demanding work.


With a team of highly experienced engineers and technicians, Nicholls Colton Group offer an

extensive range of testing solutions which allow us to investigate almost any component of any

bridge structure. Our focus on client engagement allows us to tailor our testing to match and

regularly exceed the objectives of the testing program. This often requires the development of our

own bespoke investigation proposals when presented with difficult access or technically challenging



If the analysis of site samples is required, Nicholls Colton Group’s fully equipped UKAS and MCERTS

accredited laboratory can undertake a wide range of materials testing and geotechnical analysis.

Once the results of in situ surveys and laboratory analysis have been collated, tailored factual or

interpretive reports are issued to our clients.


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