Investigating and analysing your environment since 1965.

Nicholls Colton is now celebrating 50 years in business – it has been a remarkable journey for our highly successful Leicester based company. For five decades we have tested, investigated and analysed both the natural and the built environment, providing cost effective engineering solutions for construction, development and maintenance related schemes throughout the United Kingdom.

If you have a construction related scheme, and you need help with testing, investigation or analysis, Contact Us. Whether you need engineering solutions for construction, development and maintenance services; civil engineers, environmental engineers, geologists, technicians or chemists, we have the staff and the capability to complete the work accurately, professionally and efficiently.

We would be glad to assist, and we would be delighted to have you become a part of our on-going success story.



A #badcrash but Danielle Elliot muscled through 60 miles cycling and a #marathon to complete #ironmanuk!

More investment in a quality @Matest_Italy #Penetrometer to compliment our soil testing #suite.

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist NCG All terrain Vehicle - Nicholls-Colton

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