With over 100 staff including civil and environmental engineers, geologists, technicians and chemists, the Nicholls Colton Group is thriving and ready to assist on any construction project.

We operate in the Brownfield, Commercial, Energy, Environmental Science, Highway, Housing, Maintenance, Rail, Utility and Recycling sectors, and we offer the following services:



If you have a construction-related scheme, and you need help with the survey, testing, investigation or analysis; contact us.

We’re are very proud and thankful to have received this brilliant award from @jnbentley! https://t.co/rlFdxssZsU

#insurance companies warn that this summer's hot spell could increase #subsidence issues and claims. We've provided subsidence #investigation #reports for years. With our new drainage survey and #repair service we offer an even more cost effective service. https://t.co/OpvmVGnRJX

https://t.co/6MOry9bU1b We provide many bespoke services to the water related industry including investigation of the existing concrete, steel and structural assets including #dams, spillways, #tanks and #pipes, to help deliver the latest Asset #management Programmes #contracts.

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