Investigating and analysing your environment since 1965.


For over five decades we have tested, investigated and analysed both the natural and the built environment, providing cost-effective engineering solutions for construction, development and maintenance related schemes throughout the United Kingdom.

Due to the expansion of work, we opened a new Southern Regional Office in October 2017, to further develop the business along with a new Drainage Survey and Repair Solutions division.

If you have a construction-related scheme, and you need help with the survey, testing, investigation or analysis; contact us. Whether you need engineering solutions for construction, development and maintenance services; civil engineers, environmental engineers, geologists, technicians or chemists, we have the staff and the capability to complete the work accurately, professionally and efficiently.

A massive congratulations to our @TeamGB and @archerygb #athlete @HollieArchery for her selection for #TeamGB in the @archeryeurope Youth Cup in #Italy this may! #archery #NichollsColtonEvents

We sampled hardened #concrete by coring and located #reinforcement by X-scan using our @HiltiGB PS1000 in the #sports #hall at #Twyford @c_of_e #HighSchool in #London. Coring service: Survey service:


So glad to see our @TeamGB and @ArcheryGBNTC #athlete @HollieArchery is finally feeling better and is back out there #training!

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